08 fevrier

The Khloros Concert

Founded in 2002 by Odile Perceau, the Khloros Concert is a flexible orchestral ensemble, formed by professional musicians from France and abroad. The Khloros Concert can perform all repertoires. They gather regularly, depending on the productions and creations organised by the conductor and the soloists.
The Khloros Concert opened its first season under the patronage of His Excellency the Ambassador of the United States in the Saint Chapel, in Paris. They have performed regularly since and are currently preparing a production of Odile Perceau’s first symphony.

La société des amis du Khloros Concert (LAKC)

La société des Amis du Khloros Concert is a non-profit organisation.
Founded in 2002, its purpose in France and abroad is:
• to present, produce and perform the artistic, musical, cultural and educational activities of the organisation.
• to promote music and art in all their forms.
• to help and serve humanitarian causes through artistic or cultural events.