08 fevrier

Technical specifications

Technical specification :
The handy stage is a 4m x 4m square, 30 cm high.
Each side disposes of a 2 m long and 25 cm deep step.
The load-bearing structure of the stage is in aluminium and made up of tubes of 40 mm x 40 mm. It complies with the strictest security standards – it bears a weight of 450 kg per m² and is fire classification standard compliant. All frames are adjustable in height with the help of jacks, thus allowing to compensate for eventual ground irregularities within or outside of the site.

The floor is built from 26 mm thick Gaboon plywood with a non-woven fireproof underface to absorb vibrations and impacts from shoes. This underface also has an acoustic role and avoids the creation of gyratory sounds under the stage.

The stage side covering is composed of leaning 45 degree aluminium pannels and Gaboon plywood like the stage.

The gradual lighting is located between the sides and the set, and can cover the entire colour spectrum. This programmable lighting system is conceived with LED RVB rails connected to power sources which communicate with a DMX lighting console.

The four sides are independent, each one divided into three parts: the steps and 2 x 1m on each side of the steps.
Tacked on to the lighting system are eight low-tension profiles Mole Richardson, each of 50 watts.

The eight profiles are connected to the lighting console by two power sources also DMX-guided from another lighting console.
A spotlight with YPOC 250 DMX motor-driven yoke allows to project various texts with glass gobos.
A MDG Atmosphère fog machine brings the necessary smoke to the show.

Alain Verniau

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