27 janvier

Liu Ming Tien School

On the 22 April 2012, we were truly bowled over by discovering the magnificent work of an exceptional man!
Stringed instrument maker, musician and teacher, Liu Ming Tien created a Strings School in the very heart of Wuhan, in the Chinese province of Hubei, housed in the historical building that was previously the French Consulate-General, which his father had bought from France in the 1950's.
Pascale Vacher, Cultural Attaché to Wuhan, had organised everything! We arrived early in the afternoon on a beautiful sunny day, to a sea of young violinists and cello players for a symphonic concert abounding in enthusiasm and generosity.

Liu Ming Tien takes in children, provides them with a violin or cello that he has made, in order to initiate them into "Great Music".  What talent gathered together with few resources but abounding and electrifying energy!  

Khloros Concert wishes to offer its support to Liu Ming Tien's string school, to enable the most talented pupils to come to France or Europe one day to plunge deeper into their playing, their repertory, with professors from the great academies. 

Khloros Concert also wishes to approach European businesses and privates sponsors to raise the funds needed to renovate the school building and purchase the musical provisions that are essential to the correct operation of this unique music school in China.

If you would like to help or would like more details on this subject:
Please don't hesitate to contact us directly by phoning +33 9 62 22 10 70 or by
e-mail: contact@ (see contact page).