28 fevrier

Recital : WU Lin

Khloros Concert wishes to turn the spotlight on musicians at the dawn of their careers as well as accomplished musicians within the framework of Recitals that take place in strange and previously unthought-of locations, in order to give a glimpse of their talent.

For the first cycle, Khloros Concert has opted to support the young Chinese Soprano WU Lin (see her biography in the Artistes page). She has prepared two specific programmes, which she will present during this 2012/2013 season.

Other Artistes will be following this “Recital” formula, whether performing Solo, Duo, Trio or Quartet depending on the choices and encounters we make as the year progresses.

WU Lin will be accompanied by the Berlin pianist, Klarisse COULON.


Klarisse COULON


Following graduation from the Musikhochschule (Higher Academy of Music) in Berlin, Klarisse Coulon started out on her career accompanying for the most prestigious International competitions: Bach Leipzig – Schumann Zwickau – Prague Spring – Sofia Opera, Toulouse Opera, Paris and Bilbao Opera.

Arriving in France in 1990, she continued her concert work with the Maîtrise of Radio France and is now working with Khloros Concert.