08 fevrier


Jean-Jacques Rapin

Former headmaster of the Lausanne Conservatoire
Honorary president of the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra

(…) the two musical creations of Odile Perceau respectively dedicated in mind to Mrs Furtwängler and Celibidache, and musically served by the Bordeaux Quartet and the violinist Agnès Pereira, are a moving testimony that their husbands remain present and radiant. The artists wish moreover to give one of the 5 concerts to Mrs Furtwängler on the occasion of her 98th birthday.
As for Odile Perceau’s music, the authenticity of its process is reassuring. It proves how much the common thought processes of Furtwängler, Celibidache and Ansermet remains lively and necessary. This being, it remains a place of mystery, as Furtwängler writes in his Carnets: “A piece of art deserves to be considerate with a particular approach. It’s a self-contained world, a world in itself. This approach is called love. It’s the opposite of evaluations or comparisons. Love sees what is beyond comparison, the unique. The world of the visible, of the reason that reasons will never do justice to a piece of art.” (1)

(1) Wilhelm Furtwängler: Carnets 1924-1954, translation Ursula Wetzel, French adaptation Jean-Jacques Rapin, Publisher Georg, Geneva 1994,
p. 48

Janine Reiss

Pianist & Chef de Chant

“I’ve been asked to write… a word… I can’t. I’m deeply moved by the beauty, the sooth of this music and the transcendental interpretation of those tremendous musicians.”
Thank you.

Claude Jean

Regional Director of Cultural Affaires of the Aquitaine region

Spurred on by a permanent openness, the Regional Directory Board of Cultural Affairs of the Aquitaine region (DRAC) is pleased to welcome on the upcoming 12th and 13th of November, the outstanding quartet of the Bordeaux-Aquitaine National Orchestra for the world premiere of two contemporary music works – Garonne Quartet and Partitas Romanes, that we owe to the talent of Odile PERCEAU, French composer and conductor, on a scenography by Alain VERNIAU.

The choice of the musicians and the composer for the Aquitaine DRAC owes nothing to coincidence. They were seduced by the beauty and the exceptional acoustic of the Annonciades Chapel, situated in the heart of the edifice, a classified monument which was cautiously restored under the watchful eye of the Monuments Historiques Society in 1995.

In my capacity as Regional Director of Cultural Affairs, I’m particularly proud to contribute to the execution of this project led by great artists, which fits perfectly with the voluntary policy of the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication to support contemporary creation.

Roland de Candé

Musicologist and writer

“Odile Perceau dares the sincerity, the independence towards chapels, systems and the writing techniques that go along.
She thus proves that it’s still possible to write tonal, daring and personal music (…)”
Extract from the Lettre du Musicien
January 2006

Katrin Furtwängler Ackermann

Film maker and actress

“Dear, so dear Odile, thank you for the Total Tonal, it was a wonderful show, a perfect conduction.
You filled my mother and her whole family with joy!
Thank you!”